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Ways to Identify Bed Bugs in Your Home

They are very sneaky because it is not easy to see them. Although you found them in a certain room, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be in other rooms. Bed bugs infestations can happen in any home and what you have to do now is exterminate them although you do not have an idea of where they might be hiding.

People have many comparisons of the smell of bed bugs, some compare the smell with that of raspberries while others compare it to that of coriander.

You will not know if you are having bed bugs in your house unless you notice these kinds of bites across the arms and legs. Some people will have irritating itchiness that will not stop and thus you will know that the bites are caused by bed bugs.

You will get up in the morning and find rust-colored stains in your bed sheets.

Something else that will make you notice the presence of bed bugs is fecal marks across your sheets or mattress.

But if you are looking for bed bugs, be sure that that is what you are going to find under the mattresses more info. The eggs are one millimeter long and are pearl white in color. So, if you come across be bug eggs in a particular bed in your house, you have to check other rooms for the same more.

Before going to their next stage in life, they feed and shed off their skin for them to proceed. For you differentiate between the bed bug skin from other insects which might have the same features, you will want to look for a hollow translucent skin underneath of your mattress.